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[ February Release Notes ]

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This Saturday, February 19, at 5am CT we will release build 1800 and it has already been a busy month so far. The ground hog may not have seen his shadow but we aren't buying a shorter winter. We spent our Valentine's Day dinner at Speed Dating for Java Coders where we had 8 minutes to graph our astrology compatibility. Now for President's Day we are celebrating with a 3 day working weekend of putting out new functionality that will see you through the start of Spring.

If Phil from Punxsutawney doesn't warm you up, the Active Trader redesign with position display, average price and P&L open will. If chocolate covered strawberries and romantic cards don't tug at your heart strings, our new Calendar will help plan your Mardi Gras party. If tales of Lincoln, Washington and FDR are not on your top 10 movie rentals, check out "use the news" and get all the current hot topics.

New Active Trader Redesign

  • Show Me the Money!
    Position Reports - There are some new features to the Active Trader ladder! (It's about time!) Your position and trade information is now available in the enhanced short term position report located above the ladder - no more clicking and looking around to find your position. The new display will include:

    • Buy and sells - for the day
    • Position display - Are you long or short? How many contracts? Well equipped for those senior moments
    • Average price - The average price where you are long or short from
    • P&L Open - overall position + current position
    • P&L Day - trading position for the day

  • Flexible, isn't she?
    The position reports can be customized within just a few clicks by selecting the blue dot to the immediate left.

  • More! More! (Or less! Less!)
    The Active Trader ladder will now include quick fire quantity buttons that will allow you to adjust quantities with a single click. The new design for the execution buttons creates more layout flexibility.
  • Average price row highlighted
    Distinguishes your average trade price making it easy to read at a quick glance!

New Active Trader Charting Layouts

  • Four Layouts!
    Now you will be able to pick from four different present layouts from the Trade > Active Trader tab with one click! New layout presets:

    • AT Module + Chart - 5 minute default
    • AT + 2 Charts - 5 & 30 minute default, one small chart and one long chart
    • Vertical AT + 2 Charts - 5 & 30 minute default, fully vertical and two small charts
    • AT + 3 Charts - 5 & 30 minute default, daily chart

New Calendar

  • Space Time Continuum!
    Well, close enough. The future is here! Check out all of the upcoming dividends, earnings, conference calls, splits, and events from our all new Calendar! Day, Week, Month, and List views are available for your viewing pleasure. All you need now is the DeLorean...

Use the News

  • News with a Twist
    Get information delivered in a usable format. Watch for upgrades, downgrades, sector, extended hours activity and much more. We'll aggregate it all for you into usable symbol lists. Everything you need from the news except the funnies (we're working on it).

Enhanced Column Data

  • Market Maker Move
    We thought like a market maker, and looked at options pricing models backwards. This tool utilizes current option pricing to "reverse engineer" an estimate of the potential price movement of an underlying instrument based on assumptions about implied volatility. And it presents the estimate in dollar terms rather than percentage terms. Now, you have to understand that such calculations are not guaranteed, any time you are using an assumed value in a mathematical formula things can get fuzzy, but its one more bit of information for you to consider when evaluating a strategy. This figure is also subject to change based on changes in current pricing. MMM is located as a column as well as on the Trade tab. We could tell you the calculation but then, well, you get the picture.
  • QuoteTrend
    If either the bid or the ask price is up, a GREEN bar is added.
    If either the bid or the ask price is down, a RED bar is added.
    If the bid price is up and the ask price is down, the top half of the bar is RED and the bottom half is GREEN.
    If the bid price is down and the ask price is up, the top half of the bar is GREEN, and the bottom half is RED.
    If both the bid and ask prices are up, a bright GREEN bar is added.
    If both the bid and ask prices are down, a bright RED bar is added.

Finally, Position Watchlists

  • The Wait is Over!
    Position Watchlists are finally here! One can select "All Account Positions" to view all positions associates with any linked accounts or "Current Account Positions" which will display the positions for the active account.

Oh, yeah. Did we mention the iPad app is here?

  • iPhone on 'Roids
    • iPad optimized layouts
    • New multi-touch charts
    • Double-tap the charts to see the most recent bar
    • Improved stability
    • New high-resolution textures for iPad users
    • iPad users also get a two finger swipe navigation action
    • More charting studies

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